The others

left their days as tiny, regional events behind. Nothing but overly expensive top acts fill the stage, cheered to by thousands of fans – or they actually are the well-payed top act and worked their asses off to get where they are by touring a whole weekend with a tiny trunk filled with instruments and sleeping bags and only the car to sleep in. They have their own management, a night liner, hotels to sleep in, an outstanding stage rider, even fancy requests for their backstage area.

Sure, why not. They deserve that. However, they might not depend on free photography.
48er Festival

Then there are the different others. They have security guys who annoy the guests with their piss-off-attitude. They charge enormous amounts of money for both the entry fee and their beer. They even kick out guests for “inappropriate dancing”. And then there are those very special others that even sell their soul along with their music to a private channel until – in the end -they can’t even recognize themselves anymore. Luckily, after half a year, the world forgets about them.

Well, we probably won’t get the chance to decline one of their requests. At least, this seems to be the only nice thing about the mainstream business.