The Team

consists of four members, at the moment.

Katha and Adi met at the Umsonst & Draußen Weingarten Festival in 2015. There, they realized that they both love shooting photos and would even go through a lot of trouble to do so. The formation of the RAF followed soon after that.

U&D Umsonst und draußen Weingarten 2015

Lawyers have confirmed that our name as well as our logo do not obtain any legal discrepancies as long as we confine all shooting to our cameras.
However, this has never been an issue since we have never appreciated any form of terrorism whatsoever. But let’s just say some wrong-way driver from Frankfurt and his Böhse-Onkelz-bracelet would suddenly disappear over night – we wouldn’t pay ransom for him, either. ;)

Also, we aren’t ruling out the idea of an extension of our team. If we like someone – we’ll get in touch.