have been to various large and small live concerts, open airs and festivals for many years, now. Sometimes out of self-initiative, sometimes in behalf of a performing band or the event management itself.

In doing so, we repeatedly meet people who spend weeks organizing events, watching campgrounds whilst standing in the pouring rain, selling drinks until 5 in the morning, guiding entrances despite freezing temperatures, driving from show to show with four people cramped into a tiny car, or even living in a van for weeks at a time. Through all of this, these strange people keep up their good mood – as if nothing better could ever exist in this world. And they are absolutely right!

48er Festival

Because it rocks!

We love the small festivals and bands that are not overly famous. We love the people who spend their whole vacation days on touring through Germany - or those who sacrifice their after-work hours building and dismounting a festival for several weeks: The ones who demonstrate a deep-rooted passion as well as a splendid amount of nuttiness.

But even if these people act out of passion and simply love what they’re doing – their work should also be appreciated!

This is where we come in. We offer photos of your shows, of your tour and even of a whole festival. We do this free of charge – but not for granted.